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Where to travel in winter?

Koh Samui - Fitness Holiday Thailand - Fitness Holidays with Travelling Athletes

Warm holiday destinations in winter - find your perfect fitness holiday

After summer is before winter. Maybe you’re like us and you’re already thinking about winter with dread – wet, cold, dark – is there a worse combination?! For many people, the dark half of the year is not only a physical burden, it also affects the mind. The batteries are empty and we long for sun, warmth and relaxation.

With a sports trip in winter, you benefit in several ways: sports on holiday not only have the advantage that you stay fit. Sport also boosts your mood and, in combination with sun, warmth and beautiful nature, provides maximum energy and happiness hormones.

Imagine starting your day with a round of beach workout right outside your door. Then it’s off to the pool to cool off and chill in the sun. During the day, you hike to explore the stunning natural surroundings and end the day with a round of sunset yoga while it’s storming and snowing at home. How does that sound?

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best destinations that not only offer you sun and relaxation, but also the best conditions for a perfect fitness holiday trip. From CrossFit under palm trees in Thailand to yoga, surf and fitness holidays in Morocco or a sports and wellness week in Tenerife – there’s something for everyone. Pack your trainers and flip-flops and join us on a trip to the sun!

Topic Overview:

  • Why a fitness holiday in winter?
  • Warm holiday destinations in winter – our top recommendations
    • Thailand
      • Holistic Fitness Holiday to Koh Samui
      • Fitness Holiday Phuket: Bootcamp, Muay Thai, CrossFit Chalong & Yoga
    • Morocco
      • Fitness Holiday Morocco: Yoga, Surf & Fitness Retreat on the beach of Taghazout
    • Tenerife
      • Fitness Holiday Tenerife: Experience CrossFit, Yoga, Personal Training, Beach Workouts, Chill & Action at Costa Adeje
  • Conclusion
Koh Samui – Fitness Holidays Thailand – Fitness Holiday with Travelling Athletes

Why a fitness holiday in winter?

Winter can often feel endless. Between grey skies, cold and little sunlight, many people find it difficult to maintain motivation for an active life. With most outdoor activities no longer as readily available due to the weather, sport and exercise often take a back seat. This is where the fitness holiday comes in – especially in winter.

Advantages of fitness holidays during winter time

1. Increase well-being: more than just physical fitness

Sport and exercise release endorphins, the so-called “happiness hormones”. They act like a natural antidepressant. Especially in winter, when many suffer from the widespread winter blues, sport can be an important mood booster. Not to forget: sporting activities in a group – be it CrossFit, beach workout or hiking – offer the opportunity for social interaction. Social contacts are often neglected, especially in winter. Yet they are essential for human well-being and can contribute to improving mental health.

2. Fill up on vitamin D: More than just sunbathing

Vitamin D is produced by our skin with the help of sunlight and is known as the “sun vitamin”. In the winter months, especially in northern latitudes, UV radiation is often so weak that the body’s production of vitamin D stalls. This can lead to a number of health problems, including a weakened immune system, fatigue and even depressive moods.

In sunny destinations, there is plenty of natural light and thus the opportunity to replenish vitamin D stores.

3. Strengthen immunity: Why exercise is so important in winter

The cold months are known to be peak season for colds, flu and other infections. Many people withdraw during this time and spend more time indoors, where viruses can be transmitted more easily. The immune system is also often weakened by the lack of sunlight and the cold temperatures. Sport promotes health, strengthens your cardiovascular and immune systems.

4. The combination of fitness and recreation: no progress without balance

Sporting activity is not only physically demanding, but also on a psychological level. After an intensive sports session, the body needs time to regenerate. These rest periods are necessary to build up muscles and prevent injuries. But everyday stress due to a job, obligations, deadlines, pressure to perform and other factors also cause a constantly high stress level in many people.

In a well-designed fitness holiday, fitness and recovery are therefore not seen as separate elements, but as synergistic components – like yin and yan. Recreational activities such as massages, yoga or wellness treatments help you to calm body and mind and recharge energy on all levels.

5. The allure of sunny destinations

Winter in sunny, warm destinations has its own unique charm. While the snow is melting to slush and water at home, you can lie on the beach in your swimming outfit and send selfies :-) Or surf. Or sweat during a beach workout. These contrasts make a sports trip in winter particularly appealing.

In short, a sunny destination in winter offers more than just pleasant temperatures and a nice tan. A winter fitness holiday is the perfect way to get away from it all, improve your physical and mental well-being and recharge your batteries for the coming year. In the next section, we present our top destinations for such fitness holidays.

Fitness Holiday Thailand

Warm holiday destinations in winter - our top recommendations


If you want to swap winter for a tropical paradise, Thailand should be at the top of your list. This exotic destination not only offers beautiful beaches and breathtaking nature, but also a variety of options for a fitness holiday that leaves nothing to be desired.

Weather and climate: Pleasantly warm temperatures & dry season
While it is cold and uncomfortable in Europe, Thailand usually enjoys pleasant temperatures and lots of sunshine. Winter in Thailand falls in the so-called dry season, which lasts from November to April. During these months you can expect little rain and warm temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. The sea is pleasantly warm at 26-28 degrees and invites you to all kinds of water sports activities. While the humidity is often considered oppressive in the rainy season, it is much more pleasant in the dry season – perfect conditions for a fitness holiday.

Muay Thai & first-class fitness camps
One of the highlights in Thailand is certainly the training in Muay Thai, a traditional Thai martial art. Basically, there are many first-class fitness camps in fantastic natural surroundings with a wide variety of training.

Yoga and meditation
Thailand is also a Mecca for yoga enthusiasts. Whether on a remote island or in one of the many specialised resorts, yoga retreats in Thailand are an excellent way to bring body and mind into harmony.

Water sports
Thailand’s coasts are ideal for water sports such as diving, snorkelling, surfing and kayaking. The warm, clear waters and rich underwater world offer an unforgettable experience.

Hiking and trekking
For the adventurous, Thailand offers numerous hiking routes through jungles and mountains. The north of the country is known for its trekking tours to remote mountain villages.

Wellness and Spa
After a hard day’s training, there’s nothing better than relaxing in one of the country’s luxurious spas. Many resorts offer special sports massages and wellness treatments that are perfectly suited to the needs of athletes.

Nutrition: Healthy, fresh, exotic
Thai cuisine is not only delicious, but also healthy. With a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein, it is ideal for athletes. Many resorts also offer special diet plans and detox programmes.

Cultural diversity
In addition to the sporting opportunities, Thailand also offers a wealth of cultural activities. Temple visits, cooking classes or traditional dances can offer a nice change from the sporting programme and broaden your horizons.

With its combination of beautiful nature, diverse sports activities and first-class wellness offers, Thailand is a perfect destination for a fitness holiday in winter.

Fit Koh - Koh Samui - Thailand

With Travelling Athletes  to Thailand

If you are looking for sun, sport and relaxation, this tropical paradise is the perfect place to be in winter. That’s exactly why our Thailand fitness holiday packages are among the absolute winter favourites with our customers. Get to know our most popular Thailand fitness holiday package:

Holistic Fitness Holiday to Koh Samui

Highlights at a glance

Premium fitness camp with a holistic approach:

  • Outstanding equipment: outdoor gym on the beach, yoga shala, boxing rings, machines, functional equipment and much more
  • Extensive range of courses: Weight training, TRX, MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning), Kettlebells, Abs, Muay Thai (martial arts), Boxing, HIIT, Jungle Run, Yoga & Beach Workouts; Personal Training (optional)
  • Spa and wellness offer: e.g. massages, nutritional advice, healthy juices & shakes, holistic care

Private Beach Resort Bungalow:

  • Just a few minutes walk to the camp as well as the beautiful Ban Thai beach

Healthy & high quality full board:

  • Healthy & balanced meals, freshly prepared by the camp’s own chef and customisable (vegan/vegetarian options etc.)
  • Shakes, fresh juices, nutritional advice included

Surroundings & activities:

  • Breathtaking waterfalls, unique jungle landscapes, markets, temples, water sports, etc.


  • Private airport transfer (round trip)
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal contact person at your side before, during & after the trip (24/7)

Read the detailed travel description Koh Samui



Fitness Holiday Phuket: Bootcamp, Muay Thai, CrossFit Chalong & Yoga

The highlights at a glance

Train at the world famous Tiger Muay Thai Camp:

  • Wide range of courses: (Beach) Bootcamp, HIIT, Muay Thai /Thai Boxing, BodyFit, Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, WOD’s in CrossFit Chalong, and much more
  • First-class outdoor and indoor area, qualified trainers and athletes from all over the world
  • Optional: private Muay Thai classes, personal training

Camp accommodation with Standard, Deluxe & Premium options:

  •  With direct pool access (depending on room category)

High-quality full board:

  • Enjoy your meals in the camp’s own restaurant “Tiger Grill” (optional)

Surroundings & Activities:

  • Beautiful beaches, culture & the world’s most famous fitness mile


  • Airport transfer (optional)
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal contact person at your side before, during & after the trip (24/7)

Read the detailed travel description Phuket

Surfing in Taghazout - Paradis Plage Resort Morocco - Agadir - Taghazout - Fitness, Surfing, Yoga, Spa & Wellness - Fitness Holidays Travelling Athletes - Fitness Holiday Morocco


Morocco, the land of contrasts: surfer’s paradise, Sahara desert, imposing mountain ranges, spa stronghold, unique culture and adventure. Especially in winter, Morocco turns into an ideal destination for those who love fitness, relaxation and a mild climate.

Weather and climate: sunny days and cool nights
Morocco, located in the northwest of Africa, offers a particularly pleasant climate during the winter months. The country’s geographical location and topography make for an interesting mix of Mediterranean and desert climates.
From December to February, temperatures in Morocco vary greatly depending on the region. On the coast and in the lowlands, temperatures range between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius during the day, while at night it cools down to around 8 to 12 degrees. In the mountain regions it can be much cooler. In the southern regions near the Sahara, temperatures can rise to 20-25 degrees Celsius.
Overall, Morocco offers many sunny days in winter and an ideal climate for an unforgettable fitness holiday with a touch of the exotic.

Fitness options in a class of their own
Morocco has become a hotspot for fitness fans in recent years. The beaches of the Atlantic coast or the picturesque mountain landscapes of the High Atlas offer the best conditions for an intensive training programme in a breathtaking setting. From boot camps on the beach, to well-equipped gyms, to specialised training programmes such as calisthenics, Morocco has something for every fitness level and preference.

Surfing and water sports
Morocco’s Atlantic coast, especially places like Taghazout and Essaouira, are known for their excellent surfing conditions. Numerous surf schools and camps offer courses for beginners to advanced surfers.

Hiking and trekking
The High Atlas and other mountain ranges offer excellent opportunities for hiking and trekking. Many tours are also feasible in winter if you want to avoid the snow-covered heights.

Yoga and Meditation
Many resorts and retreats in Morocco offer yoga and meditation courses in stunning natural surroundings. The silence of the desert or the tranquillity of a mountain village are ideal places to find inner balance.

Wellness and Spa
Moroccan hammams and wellness centres offer a variety of treatments perfect for relaxation and regeneration after an intense sporting activity.

Healthy, fresh & aromatic cuisine
Moroccan cuisine is known for its rich flavours and healthy ingredients such as olive oil, fresh vegetables and spices like turmeric and cinnamon, which have a positive effect on overall health.

Cultural experiences
A visit to the souks of Marrakech, a traditional Moroccan dinner or an overnight stay in the Sahara can add a special touch to your fitness holiday.

The mild and pleasant climate, the diversity of the country and the quality of the fitness and spa facilities combined with the unique culture make Morocco the perfect destination for a winter escape.

Yoga in Agadir - Paradis Plage Resort Morocco - Agadir - Taghazout - Fitness, Surfing, Yoga, Spa & Wellness - Fitness Holidays Travelling Athletes - Fitness Holiday Morocco

With Travelling Athletes  to Morocco

Of course, Morocco is also at the top of our popularity scale due to its versatile advantages. Get to know our holistic premium fitness holiday package that makes surfer, yogi and fitness hearts beat faster:

Fitness Holiday Morocco: Yoga, Surf & Fitness Retreat on Taghazout Beach

The highlights at a glance

Holistic sports programme in one of the top 5 surf, yoga & spa resorts worldwide:

  • Fully equipped indoor & outdoor area with everything you need far a good workout (dumbbells, functional equipment, etc.)
  • Varied course programme: Cross Training, Stretching, Pilates, Body Attack, Fitness Abs, Balance Training, Power Step, Beach Bootcamp
  • Surfing: Professional surf lessons at the popular surf hotspot of Taghazout – for beginners and pros (optional)
  • Yoga: Daily yoga classes in a dreamlike setting (optional)

5-star Eco Resort away from the hustle and bustle on a private sandy beach:

  • Optional room categories from suites to bungalows and villas, all with stunning sea views

Fresh & healthy breakfast buffet:

  • With products from the organic farm (optional half board)

Surroundings & activities:

  • Miles of sandy beach, numerous water sports activities, day trips e.g. to Essaouira or Agadir


  • Airport transfer (optional)
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal contact person at your side before, during & after the trip (24/7)

Read the detailed travel description Morocco

Playa del Duque - Costa Adeje - Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain - Travelling Athletes - Fitness Holidays


The Canary Islands, especially Tenerife, are an excellent choice for those who want to escape winter and combine beach, sun, sport and relaxation without too much effort.

Weather and climate: stable, warm temperatures and lots of sunshine
On the sunny island you will enjoy temperatures mostly between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius during the winter months. Rainy days are rare and the mild conditions are ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities and ideal for sports. With an average of six hours of sunshine per day in winter, Tenerife offers plenty of opportunity to fill up on vitamin D, lift your spirits and swap your winter pallor for a summery complexion.

Modern gyms and facilities
Tenerife offers a range of state-of-the-art gyms and facilities, qualified trainers and a large community of sports enthusiasts. In addition to a wide range of courses from functional training to CrossFit to spinning, there are also numerous studios offering Pilates and yoga classes. Tennis courts, golf courses and even climbing walls are also available. No matter what kind of training you prefer, you’re sure to find it on Tenerife.

Outdoor activities
The island offers a unique mix of beaches, mountains and forests. The choice of outdoor activities is huge: hiking, cycling or trail running – there’s no chance of getting bored here.

Water sports & beach activities
Tenerife’s extensive beaches are the perfect backdrop for morning jogs, surfing, beach volleyball or intense beach workouts.

Wellness and recreation
After an active day, you can pamper yourself with massages and sauna sessions in one of the numerous wellness centres or cool off with an ice bath.

Tenerife, often referred to as the “Island of eternal spring”, is therefore not only a wild card in terms of its pleasant climate. With its wide range of sports, outdoor activities and beautiful beaches, it offers the perfect balance for a fitness holiday with sports, relaxation and sunshine.

Sunset Yoga Tenerife - Fitness Holidays Canary Islands - Fitness Holiday with Travelling Athletes

With Travelling Athletes  to Tenerife

It’s no surprise that Tenerife is at the top of our best-selling tour packages and has become a customer favourite. The reasons are obvious: quick & easy arrival, stable temperatures, beach, sun, nature and reliable quality without big surprises. That’s why we designed various travel packages with different training focuses: No matter if you love CrossFit, if beach boot camps in a group are your thing, if the Krav Maga Camp is just right for you or if you prefer individual support in personal training – we have the right travel package for you. Get to know our absolute best-seller here:

Tenerife Fitness Holiday: Experience CrossFit, Yoga, Personal Training, Beach Workouts, Chill & Action in Costa Adeje

The highlights at a glance

Holistic sports programme:

  • Unlimited access to top box CrossFit 27
  • Individual introduction & meet-up for all travelling athletes
  • Access to all classes & the open gym (free training)
  • 1x per week gymnastics / technique coaching exclusively for travel athletes
  • 2 hours personal training included (more optional)
  • Beach Workouts: Intensive functional training on the beach (optional)
  • Sunset Yoga directly by the sea in a dreamlike setting (optional)

Flat hotel with sea view – right next to your box

  • Fully equipped flats with living area, kitchen & balcony
  • Optional 4-star flat hotel directly on the beach

Healthy, individual breakfast (full fridge in your apartment)

  • Half and full board meal prep (optional) – prepared by our chef according to your wishes and delivered directly to the hotel

Surroundings & Activities:

  • Stargazing trip – one of the top 3 places for stargazing
  • Numerous hiking options & surf course (optional)
  • Teide – Highest volcano in Europe
  • Numerous dream beaches within easy walking distance
  • Wide choice of restaurants, bars & clubs


  • Airport transfer (optional)
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal contact person at your side before, during & after the trip (24/7)

Detailed travel description Tenerife


As you can see, there are fantastic destinations, near and far, that are ideal for a fitness holiday, especially in winter. So why torture yourself through the winter and hole up in the gym or, in the worst case, on the couch?

  • Thailand beckons with exotic culture, pleasant bathing temperatures, paradisiacal beaches and a multitude of sports options – from Muay Thai to yoga on the beach.
  • Morocco, a hotspot for surfers and fitness fans, offers optimal conditions for an fitness holiday as well as an exceptional wellness offer and impressive landscapes.
  • Tenerife is the reliable all-rounder – stable, pleasant temperatures, great training conditions, beach, relaxation and fascinating nature.

Each of these destinations offer the perfect mix of activity, relaxation, good food, experience & culture. What takes priority is completely individual.
Maybe your time window is limited and short flight times are important to you.
Or your stress level is extremely high and you just need a place to recharge, train and relax.
Or maybe you want to consciously treat yourself to more than a few days of winter escape and immerse yourself in a completely different world.

All these needs play a role in the decision. That’s why you can put together your own personal fitness holiday package with us, just the way you want it. Fitness holidays – as unique as you are :-)

Now it’s up to you – what’s your favourite destination for your fitness holiday next winter?

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