Tenerife is famous for many things, but this is one of the best!
Travel to the crater of Mt Teide (World Heritage Site) at night & experience the magic of what the unspoilt night sky of Tenerife has to offer.

Mount Teide is a world-renowned spot for astronomical observation and has been crowned a “Starlight Destination”, recognizing that it is one of the best places to stargaze away from light pollution.
Watch as the stars literally fall around you! Track satellites as they make their way around the globe, and all while you enjoy some Spanish tapas.
We will take you to a secluded spot after a little trek (30 min) & watch the sunset before our guide will take you through some constellations as well as the history of Mt Teide and its very active & amazing life!

Duration: 4-5 hours. Small group. Tapas, drinks and private transfer included. 

Price: €65 per person. €13 deposit. Remaining balance to be paid on site.

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