Total Fitness Program at the famous Titan Fitness Camp in Phuket – Fitness Holidays in Phuket, Thailand

Total Fitness Program at the famous Titan Fitness Camp in Phuket – Fitness Holidays in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand
Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Are you ready for challenging and fun fitness sessions while enjoying Thailand and its beautiful beaches? It’s time to finally focus on yourself. This fitness holiday in Thailand is perfect for those who want an exciting & unique fitness holiday in one of the most amazing fitness environments: Enjoy the Titan Fitness Camp located directly on the famous Soi Taied Road in Chalong, Phuket. In addition to accommodation and full-board, a tailor-made fitness program consisting of various workouts, intensive personal training sessions & relaxing yoga classes are included. Take your workout to the beach, be part of an awesome community and experience a unique fitness holiday as a Travelling Athlete.
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For All Travelling Athletes

Are you ready for some challenging workouts? Do you wish to take part in a high intensity functional fitness program, enjoy relaxing yoga classes, challenge yourself during the weekly Big Buddha Run and like to meet new, international like-minded people of a worldwide community? During this fitness holiday you can relax on the beach with your new friends while at the same time getting back in shape, and improving your athleticism, strength, agility and mobility. The perfect mix of fitness, friends & fun.
Accommodation During Your Fitness Holiday
Overall Fitness (HIIT, TRX, Boot Camp, Beach Workouts etc.)
Personal Training

In general, this fitness holiday allows you to experience a diversified & challenging fitness program at camp site with tons of unique holiday moments. There is no fixed daily routine allowing you to spend every day as you like!

A typical day in Phuket, Thailand...

➨After a good night's sleep, we recommend that you take part in a one of the sunrise yoga classes and start the day calmly. Following a healthy and rich breakfast, you will be set for an unforgettable day full of fitness & holiday in Phuket.

Challenge yourself...
Look forward to meeting like-minded people from all over the world at the Titan Fitness Camp and to take part together in one of the numerous offered classes (including Buddha Run, cross-training, Body 360°, beach workouts). In general the style of workouts include ​​boot camp, functional training, HIIT, mobility or weight lifting. Learn effective ways to train without equipment and focus on full body workout which surely will improve your strength, power and endurance. Most of the classes take part at an outdoor training facility and thus make training twice as fun. You can also schedule an intensive 1-on-1 training session with one of the qualified Personal Trainers (one hour of private yoga lessons is also possible). No matter what goal you have set, your trainer will focus entirely on you and help you achieve your specific goal! Of course, you can adapt every training session to your intensity. Whether you are a beginner or already a professional athlete: Set new stimuli and improve your fitness.

Just enjoy: Relax in between classes and explore the area...
During your free time, you can relax on the beach and just enjoy life. In the evening, stroll along the beautiful sandy beach and relax in perfect weather conditions. You can enjoy the remaining hours of a day with a good feeling in a cosy beach bar. Alternatively, Phuket has a lot to offer for the rest of the evening. Night markets, bars, restaurants and much more.

Save time & money

As a fitness travel agency, we get favourable rates from hotels and partners, which we then pass on to you.

Personal Travel Assistant

You will be matched with a travel agent who is available 24/7 to help you with anything you could want or need.

Inside Knowledge

Each of our travel agents have visited all of our various destinations, so they are well-equipped to assist you with local insight.

Fitness Holidays for Travelling Athletes - Fitness Woman

Flexible Dates

Travel whenever you desire and for however long you wish. Our fitness holidays are available 365 days/year.

Direct & Flexible Booking

Our streamlined booking process means you don’t have to wait any longer. You can look forward to relaxing and training in the sun.

Join a Community

Even before your journey begins, we will connect you with other Travelling Athletes.

Fitness Program in Phuket, Thailand

Look forward to an amazing fitness program consisting of unlimited fitness sessions, yoga classes and much more.

Included in this tour:

  • Unlimited fitness sessions | multiple classes per day
  • Unlimited Yoga
  • 3x Personal Training per week
  • Unlimited access to all fitness facilities

You can add further optional services during the booking process.

Unlimited workouts & international certified trainers - Welcome to Titan Fitness Camp

During this fitness retreat in Phuket you can look forward to meeting international coaches and being looked after intensively by us & our partner Titan Fitness Camp.

At this fitness camp only certified trainers work, who can adapt every workout and training to your needs. For this purpose, a first-class area is available, which is located directly next to your accommodation (or only about 10 minutes' walk from your premium accommodation). The training area offers you pretty much everything you could wish for. In addition to a large indoor and outdoor training area, it also includes an obstacle course and a fully equipped fitness and strength area. If that is not enough, the training can of course also take place on the beach. In general, most of the functional fitness units take place outdoors and indoors. You train with international athletes and have access to a variety of functional fitness workouts: (Beach) boot camp, HIIT, Body360, Mobility, Strength & Conditioning are just a few of the fitness courses offered on site. To actively regenerate, you can also enjoy various yoga sessions. Overall, there is a wide variety of courses that guarantee fun and variety!

  • Average number of athletes in the camp: 60
  • Exemplary group size of courses: 40 (Body360), 20 (Yoga)
Experience one of the best fitness camps worldwide

What to expect. Fitness & Yoga Classes Overview.


Mobility, recovery and stretching are central to our holistic approach to health and fitness.
With specialist backgrounds in yoga, physiotherapy and injury prevention, our experts know that the key to building muscle is in the recovery stage. These sessions are integral to general health and to maximize performance in your training. Iron out those niggles, stretch those hard-working muscles, identify imbalances and improve your overall flexibility, mobility and stability; held three times a week, these are not to be missed.

Wednesday and Friday’s 1pm

Cross training is one of the toughest classes on our schedule. These classes are more than enough to kick-start your metabolism for the day.
Workouts are different for every class, you and your body will never know what to expect. A week of our cross training classes will have you feeling muscles that you didn’t know you had.

We have some of Asia’s top CrossFit competitors as coaches here at camp, so you know you are guided by an elite crew.
This class is a natural progression from body360. It will see you utilize all of the skills that you have learned in strength and technique class. This is the ultimate workout, functional fitness, meets gymnastics, meets mobility and agility.
The energy of this class is infectious, and it is addictive. As soon you master one skill you will be eager to add weight, do more reps or increase speed.

Monday-Friday 9am

Our daily strength and technique classes focus on a different muscle group or movement each day. A relaxed tempo affords Titan newbies the time to get comfortable with particular lifting styles while those with more experience, build weight or play around with technique. Focus is on technique not cardio.

Our coaches are hyper-detail oriented. Sometimes a shift in weight, a change of grip can see even the most seasoned lifters improve. The attention and guidance offered is spot on! This class will get you the confidence to preform at high volume and speed in your cross-training classes. Bench, deadlift, or gymnastic skills, even our long stay clients learn something new at every Strength and Technique class.

Mondays is Deadlift focus 5pm

Tuesdays is Press focus 5pm

Wednesdays is Olympic weightlifting 5pm

Thursdays is drills and skills 5pm

Friday is Squat focus 5pm

To leave this class with performing the technique perfectly and master the different lifts is our mission.

A stay at Titan Fitness training camp is a perfect time to try new things. Many who join our Olympic Lifting classes have never lifted before, yet season-on-season it is one of our most popular classes.

Our coaches’ breakdown these complex moves, guiding you step-by-step to first ensure perfect form and execution, then building power, strength and increasing speed.
Those who are comfortable with the lifts make the most of access to our world-class coaches. Under their watchful eye, Titans prefect their form and add multiples to their 1RM.

Each class includes a strength and technique element, followed by a workout to put your new skills to the test. Elements of these moves often feature in cross-training and other workouts. Mastery of these skills will give you an excellent baseline for all over control of the body and basic movements for functional fitness.
Weightlifting is proven to be one of the best ways to change body composition, it won’t be long before you see the benefits of these Wednesday evening sessions. As soon as you add the weight, the weight will drop.

Wednesday 5pm

Our spin on Spinning! Working between the bike and bodyweight exercises, our evening spin classes will have you in a whirl. Twice a week we mix it up with Spin-core classes for the ultimate sweat-sesh. This hour is non-stop, max effort with a super playlist and a stunning view as the sun sets over Big Buddha and on a great day’s training.

Mon-Fri 18.15

Through the week you will have the opportunity to do Ashtanga yoga, Dynamic Flow yoga, and Hot power yoga. 2-3 times daily we offer the best yoga in Phuket
Ashtanga – We practice a bite sized and beginner friendly version of primary series. The practice is strong with emphasis on upper body and core.
Dynamic flow – Vinyasa based classes, connecting breath with movement while moving through asana in dynamic and fluid way.
Power – Vinyasa style class: There is a strong emphasis on core and has a similar concept to interval training as it matches high intensity with slow.
Bikram express – Bikram class, covering all 26 postures but only repeating the standing sequence. Class is 60 min long as opposed to 90min.

To complement our extensive outdoor training facilities, we also have a fully air-conditioned indoor gym. It boasts three-stories of free weight area and machines from top brands like LifeFitness Cybex and Nautilus.

Our gym also has an educational space, where Titans meet on a Monday at lunchtime for a nutrition seminar with our experts. This education-led approach ensures our Titans go home with as much knowledge as memories, allowing them to continue on their health and fitness journey after they leave camp.

We are open from 7am-9pm, so drop in anytime. Our coaches can often be found roaming around or working on their own training, feel free to ask them about your technique or to arrange private sessions.

Body360 is a fully-body cardio circuit. Get your pump on as you work through the sequence of exercises, working all-out for 40 seconds, with enough time to rest and get to your next station within the minute.

From newbie to old-hat, all movements are fully scalable to where ever you are on your fitness journey. Our coaches will work with you to find a variation of each movement that works for you, and will stick with you, as you move through the progressions with time. Designed to hit every body party in one hour, we don’t call it body 360 for nothing. Our long-term clients see amazing results from this class. The tunes are pumping, and so will you be. It is a lot of work and a lot of fun.

Mon-Sat 10.05am

Boxercise is our high intensity training on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Get the adrenaline rushing as you hit the pads with your fellow athletes. Our expert coaches put you through your paces, just enough to keep you on your toes, and your heart rate high. Boxercise is well known for toning up and a strong core. Our classes pack a real punch when it comes to burning calories.

Tuesday and Thursday 16.00

Life is all about overcoming our obstacles as best we can. Our outdoor obstacle course conditions you with the strength of body and of mindset to overcome anything life can throw at you – of course, not without a little help from your friends. Find yourself climbing, crawling, hoping, ducking, scaling and jumping through the course. Once you have manoeuvred your way around, you will want to do it all again just to beat your time. Down in the sandpit or at the top of the rope climb, this is fun at so many levels.

Mon,Wed and Fri 16.00

Speed and strength are the order of the day on our 40-meter sprint track and strong man area.
Master your speed, agility and acceleration, or flip tyres to build the strength of a Titan, either way makes the most of the tropical sunshine. All of our classes make full use of this space, while in the evening Titans relax and shoot some hoops at the basketball net. Any visit to Titan will mean lots of time at this tree-lined multi-purpose area.

The fun doesn’t stop on the weekends at Titan. On Saturday mornings we hit the road to explore the stunning beaches of Phuket’s coastline. Each week brings a new workout, with our Titans inevitably ending up splashing in the sea. Training and tanning all at once, what could be better. Expect sun, sand and sit-ups.

Saturdays 08.30

Sitting peacefully atop Chalong’s rolling hills, we are blessed to have Big Buddha watching over the whole of the Island.
At 6.30 every Thursday morning, we set-off in the Titan-truck. Starting from the foot of the hills, together we start the climb to the top. Walking, running, jogging or whatever it takes to conquer the 4.5km and steep incline meet Thailand’s largest Buddha. It is worth it alone for the best views of the bay, you might even meet a monkey or two along the way.
Our more competitive Titans revisit Buddha week after week, trying to shave seconds of their time and get on our famous leaderboard!

Thursday 06.30

Titan Fitness Camp
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October 22, 2020

Become a Travelling Athlete and get in shape while you're on holidays.

No matter whether you want to travel to Bali, Spain, or any other destination, we help you become a better YOU while you experience an unforgettable fitness holiday with diversified workouts, beautiful beaches, and amazing people.

Hotel & The Surrounding Area Phuket, Thailand

Fitness, personal training, beach workouts, yoga & free time in Phuket: The area in Thailand is perfect for all Travelling Athletes: Just enjoy an amazing holiday with extensive training in a beautiful surrounding. In this Thai region there is pretty much everything that makes a fitness holiday the perfect fitness holiday: beautiful beaches, excellent training opportunities, numerous other athletes and of course warm & sunny weather (almost) all year round. The area where the camp is located has developed into a famous fitness Mecca. Healthy restaurants, fitness shops, training camps and much more are all found on one street: the famous Soi Taied Road in Chalong, Phuket. Just stroll along the street and be inspired & motivated by all the fitness enthusiasts. But, of course, Thailand has much more to offer than just fitness. Discover beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque viewpoints and religious statues. A must-see are the beautiful beaches of Nai Harn or Kata Noi with their white sand, the picturesque viewpoints at Phuket's Promthep Cape and Yanui Beach, all of which are very close to the camp and easily accessible.

Look forward to lovely accommodations during your holiday. You deserve to get some rest after a day full of adventures, training, and fun.

Overall, the Titan Fitness Camp offers you 3 different accommodations. All accommodations are within 5 minutes walking distance from the camp. The Litlle Hill Phuket Resort (4.3 out of 5 stars on Google) is the preferred accommodation for all Travelling Athletes, as this 3-star hotel promises both: modern rooms (standard | superior) and a beautiful pool! So you can cool down quickly and regenerate yourself after a strenuous workout.
The other two accommodations offer the same standard, but no private pool. But since they are only about 2 minutes away, you can easily use the pool at the Little Hill Phuket Resort.
* Depending on the availability, we will of course organize the Little Hill Phuket Resort for you :)

- Standard Room -
- Superior Room -

To view more details about the rooms, just click the button above.

October 22, 2020
4,3 / 5
4 / 5
27 Reviews
21 Reviews
Weekly Buddha Run - Titan Fitness Camp Phuket Thailand - Fitness Holiday Phuket - Fitness Holidays for Travelling Athletes

See what this fitness holiday is like...

Included in this Tour

Accommodation of your choice for the length of your stay
Healthy Full Board - Breakfast, Lunch & dinner
3 Hours of Personal Training per week
Full Access to Camp Facilities
Fitness Program incl. Crosstraining, HIIT, Beachworkouts, Yoga & Co.
Unlimited Fitness Classes
Unlimited Access to Open Gym
Unlimited Yoga Classes
Weekly Beachworkouts & Buddha Run
Intro Meeting & Fitness Consultation
Community Events
Private Airport Transfer (Round Trip)
One Personal Travel Assistant Just For You - Available 24/7
Travel Insurance
Goodie Bag

Not Included in this Tour

Flight to Phuket (HKT)

Due to the physical nature of the fitness holiday, clients often ask us what kind of results they will see after their stay. This is a difficult question to answer because everyone is different. People have different metabolisms, and ultimately it comes down to how hard you work and how long you stay for. We are confident you will see an improvement, even if you go for a short period of time. Your stay will kickstart you into a healthier and fitter life, giving you a solid foundation on which you can continue your training back home. You will learn all the tools and techniques you need in order to continue to improve.


Can I join the fitness holiday even if I am travelling alone? Yes, of course. Actually, about 70% of our guests travel by themselves. For this camp, almost 80% of our guests are solo travellers. The island is a very friendly place with lots of open-minded people, so meeting other athletes and fellow travellers is super easy. Especially on campsite, you will meet other people during and in between fitness sessions. So don't worry about it! We encourage you to just take a leap of faith and allow yourself to be surprised by an amazing fitness holiday.  
Do I need to bring anything in particular? We recommend bringing plenty of sportswear. However, laundry service is available (for an extra charge) so you can wash your clothes whenever necessary. Also, please bring sunscreen and a hat if you’d like to take part in the beach workouts. Most importantly, don't forget your passport. It has to be valid at least 6 months from time of arrival.  
Arrival Date and Travel Duration Minimum travel duration is 7 days / 6 nights. However, you are more than welcome to stay as long as you want - there is no fixed arrival date nor a fixed duration for this fitness holiday. Simply select your preferred arrival and departure date from the booking calendar, and proceed with the booking. *For stays longer than 30 days, check visa regulations.  
Program For this fitness holiday, there is not a fixed schedule nor a set program. This means that you can lie on the beach all day or take part in as many fitness sessions as you like. If you want to add additional components to your program (e.g. personal training sessions), you can do so during the booking process. You can also add additional services after the booking process is complete. We are very flexible and will assist you with anything you could want.  
Can I do other activities as well? Yes absolutely, one of the reps can help you add on trips locally. While one of our favourite activities is a morning hike / run to Big Buddha to catch the sunrise, there are so many more things to do in Phuket. You can also visit temples, explore a variety of beaches, go shopping at one of the night markets and much more! There are endless possibilities. However, as the vibe in Phuket is very easy going, we really recommend not making too many plans beforehand.  
Availability On our booking calendar you will see all the dates we have available in the upcoming months. We make sure to constantly update all availabilities to make the booking process as smooth as possible. In general, if dates are shown as available, we can organize your holiday. However, please note that it is always possible that selected dates could become unavailable due to very dynamic booking procedures. For this reason, we will contact you via email and WhatsApp after your booking to confirm availability. This will take up to 48h. In case we cannot provide your chosen package in combination with a certain room at your requested time, we will offer you an alternative option: either in a comparable room or for a slightly different travel period. Of course, if we cannot provide you with a PERFECT option, you may cancel your trip at any time with no costs. If you have any questions regarding availability or your desired travel dates, just email us at  
Christmas & New Years Our fitness holidays are available 365 days a year - including Christmas and New Years. Please be aware that Christmas & New Years is one of the busiest times in Phuket, Thailand. So make sure that you book plenty early. We will do our best to assist you. Note that there might be a slight variance regarding the program on some days. For example, on Christmas Day, there will be no training or yoga, but we do make up for it with additional sessions throughout the week. The same is applicable for New Year’s Day.  
Booking Process After your booking, you will immediately receive an email from us summarizing your booking. You don't need to do anything at this moment. In the following days, we will check hotel availability, as well as all other aspects of your tour. After we confirm everything with our partners, we will send you another email to confirm the booking. This email also includes the invoice and a travel insurance paper. You can then easily pay your invoice within 14 days. Multiple payment options are available. If you want to pay for your trip later, just contact us — we will make sure to find a good option for you. Once we have received payment, you will receive another email from us with a confirmation of payment, a booklet including travel information, and more.⇾ At this point you can just look forward to your fitness holiday in Phuket. *If you have any questions or want to change anything in regard to your holiday, you can always contact your personal travel agent.  
Visa If you plan on travelling to Phuket for fewer than 60 days, you will not need to apply for any VISA (EU / US citizens). Please inform yourself about Visa restrictions depending on your home country. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can.  
General Terms & Conditions General Terms and Conditions can be found on our Terms and Conditions page. Please also acknowledge the terms and conditions of Titan Fitness Camp.