Fitness Unboxed in Southern Greece – Crosstraining, Yoga & Personal Training with Sea View – Fitness Holiday in Greece

Fitness Unboxed in Southern Greece – Crosstraining, Yoga & Personal Training with Sea View – Fitness Holiday in Greece

Peloponnese, Greece

Experience the first Fitness Unboxed hotel in the Mani, a beautiful, untouched region in the Peloponnese in southern Greece. It is the ideal location for an unforgettable fitness and sports holiday in traditional Greek surroundings. People of all fitness levels will feel better and more energized here than training at home. All training sessions will take place in open nature, surrounded on one side by the majestic Taygetos Mountains and on the other by the calm Mediterranean Sea. In short: this box is “Un-boxed”. You will enjoy Greece in its original form, far away from mass tourism. In addition to daily Crosstraining sessions (WODs), various yoga classes and intensive personal training sessions, you can take part in various outdoor activities like sea kayaking or hiking.
Also included in this fitness holiday is a beautiful private accommodation, a healthy breakfast buffet, as well as a private airport transfer.

beginner, Advanced, Athletes
Holiday Intensity: 7 out of 10
Recommended for: solo-travellers, friends, couples, groups
Accommodation: standard, premium
beach, beach-community, city, mountains
Starting from 425 €

To see your final price, just click on “Customise Your Package”, select your start and end date in the booking calendar, and choose the number of travellers as well as your preferred room type. If you like, you can add additional elements to your package (on top of the included services).

For All Travelling Athletes

Enjoy multiple workouts throughout the day, explore the beautiful Mani, and spend your well-deserved time off on the beach... There are numerous reasons why this holiday is one of our bestselling fitness holidays...

A typical day in Kardamili, Greece...

➨ Discover your wanderlust and get in shape while you're in Greece. After a good night's sleep, we recommend that you take part in one of the sunrise yoga classes to begin the day calmly. Then, after a healthy and nourishing breakfast, you will be ready for an unforgettable day of outdoor activities, fitness and relaxation in Greece.

Whether you want to go hiking in the impressive Taygetos Mountain or you want to explore the coastline of the Mani during a sea kayaking excursion, you will have an amazing time exploring the beautiful south of Greece. Alternative, treat yourself to a relaxing day at one of the many beaches the area has to offer :)

In the afternoon, you can enjoy your personal training session and focus on reaching your individual goals. This can be followed by an intensive workout in the open air box "Fitness Unboxed". Train with other athletes and look forward to an amazing fitness class in the sun of Greece.

At night, the Mani also has lots to offer. Enjoy a peaceful evening in one of the Greek Tavern or go out and enjoy live music in one of the bars with your new, international friends.


The following bars indicate the intensity of this fitness holiday. However, feel free to customise your fitcation to your own needs. Just click on “Customise Your Package” on the top of the page and add further activities (e.g. additional personal training sessions, massages).

Accommodation During Your Fitness Holiday
Overall Fitness (HIIT, TRX, Boot Camp, Beach Workouts etc.)
Personal Training

Fitness Program in Kardamili, Greece

No matter whether you are just a beginner or whether you already have multiple years of experience doing fitness, this holiday provides the ideal setting for all fitness enthusiasts in Kardamili: a truly inspiring and unique location. This holiday is perfect for everyone who wants to improve and challenge their fitness level, or who wants to get inspired by the extraordinary outdoor setting to reach their next fitness level. Just start your way towards elite fitness. Overall, this Fitness Unboxed holidays is designed to balance expertly coached training, fun outdoor activities and relaxation in a serene boutique hotel located in this picturesque Greek village on the Mediterranean coast. We want to bring you and other athletes from all over the world together to have a memorizable fitness holiday in Greece. Just look forward to ideal weather and combine an intensive fitness program with fun outdoor activities and international like-minded people.

Look forward to an amazing fitness program consisting of daily Fitness Unboxed sessions, yoga classes, personal training, and various outdoor activities in a beautiful surrounding.

Included in this tour (per person):

  • Daily outdoor Fitness Unboxed sessions
  • 3x per week outdoor yoga classes (sunrise & sunset yoga)
  • 3x small group coaching sessions (Crosstraining skills)
  • Optional: sea kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, biking tours

You can add additional optional services during the booking process.

Fitness Unboxed - Outdoor Training in an Unbelievable Setting

During this Fitness Unboxed holiday in Greece, you can look forward to getting back in shape in a beautiful surrounding. Pull-up rigs, squat racks, barbells and all the other things we love to lift and throw are located outdoors under shading eucalyptus trees on the Mani coastline. With the backdrop of the Taygetos Mountain on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other, you will be guaranteed a unique experience; especially during the evening WOD in the ever-changing colours of the Greek sunset.

Fitness Unboxed in Greece - Fitness Holiday Greece - Fitness Holidays for Travelling Athletes
Fitness Unboxed in Greece - Fitness Holiday Greece - Fitness Holidays for Travelling Athletes

Sea kayaks replace rowing ergs, and mountain bikes replace assault bikes. Bike the challenging trails of the surrounding mountains. Cool off with a refreshing recovery swim in the crystal clear waters of the Messinian Gulf. Go the extra mile. Hike through the world-renowned paths of the Taygetos Mountain Range.

You will be trained by Dimitri, a half-Canadian & half-Greek fitness enthusiast. He is the owner of the hotel and the outdoor training facility "Fitness Unboxed" at the same time. Dimitri is exactly the right trainer if you want professional and caring attention. His passion for hospitality and fitness led to the creation of this special type of fitness accommodation. Ever since, he has been providing customer satisfaction. With more than 10 years of experience in various martial arts and 6 years of experience in Crosstraining & fitness, his know-how now covers a wide range of fitness aspects. During your stay, he will explain all exercises very calmly and understandably, and will make sure that you will get the most out of your stay.

Join us at Melitsina Village Hotel in Kardamili for our Fitness Unboxed holiday, designed to offer a one of a kind travel experience to all Travelling Athletes and sport enthusiasts in this exceptional corner of Greece.

Yoga - Sunrise & Sunset Yoga by the Sea
Salt Yoga is a Power Vinyasa Flow Studio in Kardamili. The outdoor courses were designed to promote strength, flexibility and concentration while strengthening body and mindset.

Practice yoga with the sun rising and setting and start or end the day well-balanced. In the shade of mulberry trees and with amazing views at the peaceful Mediterranean Sea, you will practice various poses and while at the same time recharging your batteries in a unique holiday atmosphere. Look forward to pursuing your existing / new passion in an unforgettable location. A perfect offset for the intensive Fitness Unboxed sessions.

Your contact person for yoga is Liv, a friendly yoga teacher from the USA who caters to any needs individually. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced yogi - Liv will make sure that you will have a magical experience  ? Her passion for Vinyasa Yoga resulted in the plan to provide unforgettable yoga moments in a beautiful setting. The basis for this are various outdoor areas where you have a direct view of the Mediterranean Sea. To provide the best experience, all courses take place at sunrise and sunset.

What to expect. WODs, Personal Training and Yoga.


WOD / Fitness Unboxed Session
The daily Crosstraining sessions / WODs (Workouts of the Day) usually last an hour. The groups with an average of 8 participants are kept very small to ensure intensive support. In general, the intensive fitness sessions focus on a training with functional exercises. A workout / WOD usually includes a general as well as specific warm-up program, a technical movement sequence for the exercises to follow, and an intensive workout. Of course, a trainer is present at all times to support you with the exercises and to correct your postures and movements. You can be sure that your coach also motivates you to make the best possible progress.

Small Group Coaching (Max. 4 People)
Instead of Personal training we will have small group seminars of 4-person groups max in which we will cover the following skills and their progressions and scales:
1. Proper functional moves
2. Gymnastics (handstands, work on the pull-up bars, pull-ups, tows to bar, muscle ups, work on rings, work on ground movements etc.)
3. Weightlifting & strongman (all clean and snatch variations, as well as strongman techniques)

Personal Training
During your personal training session, you will train with your coach individually and focus on your own goals. You can decide whether you want a high intensive training session, improve your technical Crosstraining skills, or whether you want to focus on stretching and flexibility. Your coach will support you throughout the process and makes sure you will get the most out of it.

"Salt Yoga" focuses primarily on Vinyasa yoga, connecting breath with movement while moving through asana in a dynamic and fluid way. The outdoor courses were designed to promote strength, flexibility and concentration while strengthening body and mindset.

Practice yoga with the sun rising and setting and start or end the day well-balanced.

Fitness Unboxed, Kardamili
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Salt Yoga, Kardamili
January 19th, 2021

4h Sea Kayaking Excursion Along the Coast of West Mani Including a Picknick → OUR RECOMMENDATION
During this fitness holiday, you will have a unique way to explore and experience the impressive coastline by Sea Kayaking. Paddling at the foot of the imposing Taygetos, you will discover the wild beauty of a place that was never conquered.

Sea Kayaks give you the opportunity to explore inch by inch the rich imagery and diversity of the indented coastline of Mani. We paddle in turquoise waters, discovering idyllic beaches sprouted between the coastal fishing villages, which are rich in history and tradition.

At the beginning of the activity we attend a brief but comprehensive introduction to the basics of sea kayaking. We get our kayaks and begin to enjoy an excursion where each little cove hides a special surprise such as hidden caves, cliffs with spectacular formations and unique beaches with sand or pebbles such as the well hidden beach of Foneas with the white pebbles or the beach of Kalogria with its fine golden sand and turquoise waters.

The beach of Kalogria is known as the beach of Zorbas, as this was the place where writer Nikos Kazantzakis met his hero of his book Zorba the Greek. Halfway we make a relaxing stop for swimming, snorkelling and a picnic with local traditional delicacies.

Included are:
Full Sea Kayak equipment: boat, paddle, life jacket, spray-skirt, waterproof jacket
Extra equipment: waterproof bags and cases, pumps and paddle-float
Snorkeling equipment (goggles and respirators)
BCU trained and certified guides
Sea Kayak course
Tour planning – Sightseeing
Picnic with fruit and Traditional delicacies
Photographs from the activity
Liability insurance

  • Price: €75 / person


Scuba Diving
During this fitness holiday you also have the possibility to go scuba diving - no matter your experience.
The diving school is located on the beautiful sandy beach of Kalogria in Stoupa. Dive Code is endorsed by both PADI and Bureau Veritas. The qualified team offers a variety of activities and services revolving around the sea.

For people interested in trying scuba diving for the first time, the Discover Scuba Diving program are available. For avid Scuba Divers, guided dives, scuba-review dives as well as next level certification (Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver etc. all the way up to Dive Master for those who are thinking of taking a step into the world of diving as a professional) are offered.
Equipment for rental or purchase is available.

  • Price: €65 / person


Hiking in the Taygetos Mountains
From the Viros majestic gorge, through Vasiliki’s timeless forest down to Trachila’s sea sculpted rocky coves, Western Mani is blessed with a landscape so diverse that can keep you busy for a lifetime exploring it.

Routes and trails can be tailored to suit all levels and needs. The easy routes include soft inclines with walking times of 2 to 3 hours, the medium difficulty routes are for 5 to 6 hours on hard ground or through gorges and the difficult routes can be for long hours (6 to 8 hours) and include crossing or climbing in the mountains (like the peak of Taygetos mountain 2407m.), and require high level of fitness.

  • Price for 2h hike: €35 / person
  • Price for 5h hike: €75 / person


Those that love mountain biking will find themselves in wonder at the astonishing routes which pass through nature using dirt tracks, forest roads and stone paths. The mountain villages of West Mani are connected with the sea villages with a net of un-surfaced or asphalt roads that can offer long uphill and downhill rides for the road bike enthusiasts.

You can rent a bike and discover the area by yourself or join one of the cycling tours.

Sunset Bike Tour (2.5 hours)
Are you looking for some inspiration for your next sunset-spotting adventure? We have the perfect suggestion for you! Watch Mother Nature put on her nightly display, from Stoupa to Trahila and back. As the sun drops into the sea, watch daylight turn to dusk from the sienna rocks of the west Mani coast and stand on the sandy beach of Pantazi for a quick dip, as the warm sunset sun illuminates the coastline.

About the itinerary, on your ride you'll pedal coast to coast partly on a bike road and partly on a low traffic road, riding through three of the west Mani’s original fishing villages -Selinitsa, Agios Dimitrios and Trahila – with Stoupa as the starting and ending point

  • Price for "Sunset Bike Tour": €45 / person

Road Bike Tour (4-5 hours)
The quiet, unspoiled west Mani mountainous villages are waiting to be discovered on this half day guided cycling tour. Pedal away from the busy tourist hotspots and find traditional, stone-built villages perched on hills where warm and friendly local people make a living tending their fields, serving hearty homemade food in small tavernas and coffee shops and picking the fresh produce grown there – tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, figs, eggs and home-made, traditional cheese.

While west Mani beaches fill with tourists during the summer, cycling will take you to quiet places and to its unspoiled heart, where nature thrives and life remains largely unchanged. The mountainous area is really quiet, and an ideal location for cycling. Pedal along deserted roads and quiet tracks where you’re more likely to meet a goat or maybe a wild boar, than another tourist.

This is an exceptional opportunity to cycle through the West Mani's culture, history and nature. From the mountain villages down to the coast line, this ride is the best way to explore and experience the area, seeing all the beautiful details … that you’d never see from a car seat!

Regarding the itinerary and the starting point, this cycling tour can be tailored to meet your family or small group’s preferences with distances, fitness levels, type of bikes and time spent on the saddle, all designed to give you an experience that is unique as well as genuinely rewarding.

  • Price for "Sunset Bike Tour": €80 / person


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Become a Travelling Athlete and get in shape while you're on holidays.

No matter whether you want to travel to Bali, Spain, or any other destination, we help you become a better YOU while you experience an unforgettable fitness holiday with diversified workouts, beautiful beaches, and amazing people.

Hotel & The Surrounding Area Kardamili, Greece

Explore Kardamili in the Mani, Greece
Mani nests in the central and most south peninsula of the Peloponnese in Greece. Near Kalamata, you will find the beautiful Kardamili village and your boutique hotel. It is the perfect place for your fitness holiday in Greece. Make use of your freetime and explore the hill villages of Agia Sofia, Petrovouni, Proastio and Exohori, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Messinian Golf and numerous sites of historical interest. Along the way you can find well-marked walking paths, as well as rugged mountain trails for cyclists.

For those who want to dive into the crystal clear sea of Messinia, there are beautiful beaches like Ritsa Beach in Kardamili and the famous beaches at the nearby villages of Stoupa and Kalogria. Further, you will be amazed by one of the many secluded rock beaches, like the one right in front of Melitsina Village Hotel, which is ideal for snorkelling.

Another highlight in the area are the Taygetos Mountains. Just a short drive from Kardamili, the Taygetos Mountain are definitely worth a visit. Try one of the amazing hikes such as Rindomo and Viros Gorge and be astounded by the incredible landscape. Numerous monasteries and small churches can be found along these gorges. → We recommend a guided hike, as some trails are rather steep and secluded.

A little further away, in the greater Mani area, there are also some highlights you can visit:

  • Cape Tenaro, the south-most point of mainland Europe
  • Diros Caves, a natural monument of extraordinary beauty
  • Mistra, a UNESCO world heritage site situated on a steep cliff of Taygetos.

Look forward to lovely accommodations during your holiday. You deserve to get some rest after a day full of adventures, training, and fun.

A contemporary boutique hotel with a view to the placid bay of Kardamili

With an amazing view to the placid bay of Kardamili in Mani, Melitsina Village Hotel offers comfortable Kardamili accommodation, a sophisticated and pristine corner of Greece in the southern Peloponnese. Within the hotel complex of impressive stone buildings, studios and flats/apartments offer superb sea and garden views and the contemporary and stylish interior design provide guests with a warm and pleasant vacation experience.

The hotel encompasses high standard accommodations connected with brick-paved paths. In harmony with the natural setting, every accommodation in this traditionally stone-built seaside boutique hotel in Kardamili enjoys a cosy and relaxing interior décor with tiling, whitewashed woods and soft tones. Appointed for absolute comfort, the spacious studios and flats/apartments feature a private fully-furnished balcony or veranda with spectacular sea views, as well as views of the coastline and the surrounding mountains of Peloponnese in South Greece. Find the perfect destination for your fitness holidays in West Mani in this quiet getaway close to the lively village of Kardamili.

- Classic Studio -
- Superior Studio -
- Suite Apartment -

To view more details about the rooms, just click the button above.

January 21, 2021
4,6 / 5
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94 Reviews
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146 Reviews
Fitness Unboxed in Greece - Fitness Holiday Greece - Fitness Holidays for Travelling Athletes

See what this fitness holiday is like...

Included in this Tour

Melitsina Village Hotel, Kardamili, Greece
Private Accommodation of your choice for the length of your stay
Healthy Breakfast Buffet
3x Hours Of Small Group Coaching (Crosstraining Skills) | Max. 4 People
Daily Fitness Unboxed sessions / WOD
3x Yoga Classes per week
Private Airport Transfer from Kalamata Airport (Round Trip)
One Personal Travel Assistant Just For You - Available 24/7
Travel Insurance
Goodie Bag

Not Included in this Tour

Flight to Kalamata Airport (KLX)

Due to the physical nature of the fitness holiday, clients often ask us what kind of results they will see after their stay. This is a difficult question to answer because everyone is different. People have different metabolisms, and ultimately it comes down to how hard you work and how long you stay for. We are confident you will see an improvement, even if you go for a short period of time. Your stay will kickstart you into a healthier and fitter life, giving you a solid foundation on which you can continue your training back home. You will learn all the tools and techniques you need in order to continue to improve.

Can I join the fitness holiday even if I am travelling alone? Yes, of course. Actually, about 70 % of our guests travel by themselves. Especially during the workouts, it is very easy to meet other athletes and fellow travellers. We encourage you to just take a leap of faith and allow yourself to be surprised by an amazing fitness holiday. Additionally, if we have your consent, we can also connect you via WhatsApp and other media with other Travelling Athletes before your trip.  
Do I need to bring anything in particular? We recommend bringing plenty of sportswear. However, laundry service is available, so you can wash your clothes whenever necessary. Also, please bring sunscreen and a hat. Most importantly, don't forget your ID / passport.  
Arrival Date and Travel Duration Minimum travel duration is 5 days / 4 nights. However, you are more than welcome to stay as long as you want - there is no fixed arrival date nor a fixed duration for this fitness holiday. Simply select your preferred arrival and departure date from the booking calendar, and proceed with the booking. *For stays longer than 30 days, check visa regulations if you are not an EU citizen.  
Program For this fitness holiday, there is not a fixed schedule nor a set program. This means that you can lie on the beach all day or take part in as many fitness sessions as you like. If you want to add additional components to your program (e.g. personal training sessions), you can do so during the booking process. You can also add additional services after the booking process is complete. We are very flexible and will assist you with anything you could want.  
Can I do other activities as well? Yes absolutely, one of the reps can help you add on trips locally. While one of our favourite activities is a hike in the Taygetos Mountains, there are so many more things to do in Kardamili, Greece. You can also go sea kayaking, biking, scuba diving and much more! There are endless possibilities. You can add additional activities during the booking process: with just one click.  
Availability On our booking calendar you will see all the dates we have available in the upcoming months. We make sure to constantly update all availabilities to make the booking process as smooth as possible. In general, if dates are shown as available, we can organize your holiday. However, please note that it is always possible that selected dates could become unavailable due to very dynamic booking procedures. For this reason, we will contact you via email and WhatsApp after your booking to confirm availability. This will take up to 48h. In case we cannot provide your chosen package in combination with a certain room at your requested time, we will offer you an alternative option: either in a comparable room or for a slightly different travel period. Of course, if we cannot provide you with a PERFECT option, you may cancel your trip at any time with no costs. If you have any questions regarding availability or your desired travel dates, just email us at  
Christmas & New Years Due to the hotel closing during the winter months, this fitness holiday is only available from the beginning of April until the end of October.  
Booking Process After your booking, you will immediately receive an email from us summarizing your booking. You don't need to do anything at this moment. In the following days, we will check hotel availability, as well as all other aspects of your tour. After we confirm everything with our partners, we will send you another email to confirm the booking. This email also includes the invoice and a travel insurance paper. You can then easily pay your invoice within 14 days. Multiple payment options are available. If you want to pay for your trip later, just contact us — we will make sure to find a good option for you. Once we have received payment, you will receive another email from us with a confirmation of payment, a booklet including travel information, and more.⇾ At this point you can just look forward to your fitness holiday in Tenerife. *If you have any questions or want to change anything in regard to your holiday, you can always contact your personal travel agent.  
Visa If you are having an EU citizenship, you don't need any visa to travel to Kardamili, Greece. US and UK citizenship allows you to enter Greece for up to 90 days for tourism or business without a visa as Greece is a party to the Schengen Agreement. For all others: Please inform yourself about Visa restrictions depending on your home country. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can.  
General Terms & Conditions General Terms and Conditions can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.  
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